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White diamond studio is a young company in johor bahru, malaysia. we say we're young because we're peopled by young, energetic, curious and committed minds who are excited about solving complex business problems, ethically.

we place a high emphasis on working in partnership with customers. we change to match your needs as we say we very well understand the consequences of this and we actually do this to satisfy our client needs our professionals take the time to understand your business needs, suggest engineering processes and develop appropriate, cost effective solutions.


Straight shooters

We're straight shooters. We do what we say we're going to do. There are no missed deadlines at Creative Suitcase.

Goals and Objectives

We will consult with you on your particular goals and objectives before suggesting the right course of action.

Rock Star

We make you look like a rock star. We make your job easier by being prepared, responsive and forthright.
How We Plan Our Work

Creative Process

  • 01
    the research & planning
    research your Busniess and plan.
  • 02
    implementation & design
    Design Our own ideas and implementation.
  • 03
    testing, review & launch
    Finally we test the projects,review & finally launch.
What We Offers

Featured Services

web development

Web Development establishes close relationships with all its customers and sincerely wants them to do well and prosper with their online endeavors. Develop Corporate Websites and Websites for Medium and Small Businesses.

cloud storage

We understand the high requirement of Database and that is why we have made it unlimited. Create as many as your need.

animation graphics

Our corporate films depict your company’s story in a manner that informs and inspires. With a distinctive script, an engaging storyboard, and outstanding graphics, voiceovers and music, our films breathe life into your brand.


Memories last a lifetime. We offer a plethora of photography services and solutions that you can treasure for generations. Our group of experts offer simple, creative, artistic and out-of-the-box photography solutions to meet your needs.

business startup

We help to start up a successful business.

mobile applications

We specialize in innovative iPhone/IPad application for various industry and business sector across the globe. We offer wide range of iPhone apps development services that make your development process easy and streamlined.

branding & logo

We help our clients decide on the most suitable brand architecture, depending on the synergies that can be built and client's business strategy.

Digital marketing

With online marketing, your marketing can get effective, efficient and economical.


We give creative infographic for clients requriments.